About Us

Welcome to the world of Divine Quartz. It is a world where virtually anyone can afford a quality quartz kitchen countertop, vanity top or even tiles. Choose from a wide selection of colors, including our Eco- Friendly collection, for those who wish to increase the value of their homes while helping the Environment.


The Divine Quartz line is the result of the collective efforts made by professionals with decades of experience in the granite and countertop industry. We want to give the opportunity to anyone who is building a new home, or renovating their existing home, the option of using Divine Quartz for any or all of their interior projects that they can imagine, or perhaps  contact any of the quality manufacturers who use our product, and you may find they have even more options that you had not imagined.


Keeping with our goal of supplying a quality product at a competitive price, our slabs come in a size that is larger than most Quartz suppliers. This extra size allows the manufacturers more freedom when planning your project and also reduces the waste factor, which could mean more savings for you.

Our slabs come in the normal 3cm ( 1.25 inch ) thickness, but there is also the possibility to have 2cm ( 0.75 inch ), or even tiles in various formats and sizes.


Divine Quartz like other engineered quartz slabs, is predominantly made from natural quartz mixed with bonding resins. Using a vibro-compaction process, followed by a controlled heating and cooling and then polishing ,these slabs are stronger and more resilient than almost all natural granites.

With our Eco-Friendly collection, the amount of recycled material can be as much as 50%, which makes for a very environmentally friendly material for both commercial and residential use. Most recycled materials these days come with a higher price tag. With Divine Quartz, this is not the case.

Please consult our color chart to select the color or colors that will work best for your project.

Discover the Divine difference.

Product color on video or image on this page may vary slightly from the product you receive depending on the configuration of your screen.